Why hyp cookies are unique

 Ever since we launched cookies in early 2017, we’ve been asked the same question time and again: they’re COOKIES, how are they supposed to be healthy? And why are they so expensive? We understand where the question is coming from: cookies are something that one has with their evening tea, usually come loaded with sugar(and very little fiber) and aren’t the healthiest alternative to something else. In this article, we’ll talk about what separate HyP cookies from your everyday generic tea-time biscuits: Are Cookies A Good Snack at all? Before we talk about cookies, it’s imperative to realize that...

The 7-minute workout that everyone can do

By Abhilasha Katoch A busy life is a sign of being successful and having a thriving bank account. But it also signifies less devotion towards one’s health. Although, there are people who spend hours in...

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