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Xterra Nutrition - Our Story

We (Arun and Gowthaman) are a couple of electrical engineers (the kind that will make Faraday roll in his grave) with an MBA & IT masters to top it up between us. Jumped on to the entrepreneur bandwagon and for the past 3 years we have been running, providing cloud based site management solutions for construction sector with customers all across South India.

Frequent travel and unpredictable schedules made healthy eating an enormous chore for us. The few hours spent at the gym every week seemed to go absolutely useless because of the lousy diet. We needed something with the right nutrition-taste balance to keep us fired up through the day, something that will be convenient for us to carry around in our pockets – given most times our meal timings go for a toss. Like any entrepreneur, we sensed there was value to offer to other people with such a product. 

That is how experimentation started on what later we named as HyP bars (to convey high-protein/hyper-active) about a year and a half back. Both science and bro-science preach us the vitality of protein. Many rounds of trial & error yielded us something that was good. Damn good in fact over a period of time. Each pocket fitting pack of the bars used to keep us satiated for up to 2-3 hours when on the run in a very healthy way.

So that's how things took off. We have a manufacturing facility rented out exclusively at Bangalore for making these bars. Nothing artificial goes into these bars and they are prepared fresh according to the order volumes. You can check our ingredients list to get an idea of how good we have vowed to keep our product. 

We have convinced ourselves, now its time to go out and convince others.

Here's us - Gowthaman (left) and Arun.

Arun is currently working on hitting the 1000 pounds 1RM on the big 3 lifts. And simultaneously a sub 40 minute 10Km run. Currently struggling at little over 700 pounds and at 50 minute mark on the 10Km.

Gowthaman is working on pushing his cycling endurance to 100Km. Presently at around 80Km (Bangalore-Hosur and back).


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