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Know your calories - soan papdi

Indian festivals are incomplete without sweets and one of the most popular sweets across the country is the rich and mouth-watering Soanpapdi. Available at sweet shops and in supermarkets across the country, this sweet is particularly famous for being a good tea-time accompaniment. So what are its ingredients and are they all that bad? As usual, we will delve into the information and closely analyze its ingredients. The ingredients: The primary ingredient you will find in Soanpapdi is refined sugar, and needless to say that it is extremely bad for you. If you are suffering from diabetes, obesity, and other...

5 lifestyle tips that will help you regain control of your health

Not everyone enjoys working out. Not everyone enjoys running and not everyone has the time to invest trying to get into shape. The typical Indian household is a pretty busy place, as it involves...

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5 tips to stay fit during the festive season

Let's face it, any Indian festival is incomplete without lip-smacking delicacies, spicy and tangy snacks, and those mouth-watering desserts. If you are someone who follows fitness nutrition throughout the year or are particular about...

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Top 5 fitness activities for those who dislike lifting weights

We are often misled into believing that to get fit, you must go to the gym and lift weights. While weight training has multiple benefits such as strengthening your bones, building muscle mass, burning...

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Ranking the top 5 mistakes made by novice lifters

If you have recently started working out and have taken a liking to it, then that’s great. Working out is not just good for your body, but your mind as well, just as we...

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How does your body react to a high sodium diet?

Processed foods make up a major part of an average diet and to increase the shelf life of the packaged food, they are heavily loaded with sodium. Table salt is made up of 40%...

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Fried rice calories - impact on your fitness goals

One of the most popular street foods across the county is fried rice, and for good reason, as it's easily available and can be quickly prepared, making it popular among college-going teens and working...

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