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Veg manchurian soup - know your calories

Nothing beats a cold winter’s evening with a good book and a piping hot bowl of soup. Soup is considered by many as a healthy dish, and for many, it even acts as a meal replacement, as it contains everything from mixed vegetables and a satiating texture that will help you feel full for a long time. One such popular soup is Veg Manchurian soup, and given that it’s a soup, albeit an Indo-Chinese one, it’s easy to be led to believe that it is healthy. Do not get confused with a Manchurian soup and a homemade vegetable or chicken...

5 weight loss tips that you must unfollow immediately.

The fitness industry is filled with myths and so-called experts who do not have your best interest in mind. They are either ill-informed or are intentionally misleading you, or in all likelihood, want you...

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How important is a nutritious breakfast to maintaining good health

It is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and doctors and nutritionists from across the globe speak of having a nutritious meal upon waking up. The importance of having...

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The top 5 things you must do upon waking up

Early mornings are the best times to get work done, and those who wake up early will swear by the amount of work they can get done during the day. Waking up early is...

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Suji ka halwa or sheera - know your calories

In our previous blog, we spoke about the importance of feeding your body a nutritious breakfast, and here’s one popular breakfast choice around the country. Served in many parts of the country as Suji...

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Dahi kachori - know your calories

A crispy exterior stuffed with lentils and a mixture of different spices, the humble Dahi kachori, which was once popular in North India, has taken the country by storm. Served with sweet curd, a...

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Ranking the top healthy and unhealthy cooking oils

Cooking oil is a part of every kitchen and is considered an essential commodity. Cooking oil is a staple in almost every household, which is why it becomes extremely important to understand which oils...

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