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Know your calories: puri bhaji and its impact on your belly

Puri Bhaji is one of the most popular breakfast options across the country, as not only is it quickly prepared, but is filling, economical, and is available at almost every restaurant. Comprising of a “bhaji” that is primarily made up of potatoes and spices, it is served with puris that are made using refined flour and are deep-fried till they are soft and fluffy. So what makes this popular dish unhealthy and why does it rank among the unhealthiest dishes that we’ve covered on our page? Let’s get into the details. The Ingredients: As always, we shall first analyze the...

Understanding sarms and why you shouldn't consume them

The fitness industry is one of the largest industries in the world and is flooded with supplements and substances that promise to give you instant results. In one of our previous blogs, we spoke...

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Know your calories - summer-time ice cream

Summer has arrived and everyone wants to get their hands on ice cream or ice candy to beat the heat. Of the two, ice creams are extremely popular, not just among kids, but adults...

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Know your calories: the convenient yet delicious chicken frankie

Chicken Frankie is one of the most popular snacks and for some even a meal option, as not only is it easily available, it's prepared almost immediately and conveniently carried around as well. Popular...

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Can vegetarians get sufficient protein through foods alone?

The fitness industry is flooded with myths and misleading information that vegetarians cannot build muscle, as they do not have access to high-quality meats and poultry. While the fact remains that most Indians are...

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Does the anabolic window exist?

For the longest time, fitness enthusiasts have been lead to believe that they need to consume their post-workout shake within one hour after completing their workout, as anything above that would result in you...

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How many grams of protein can your body absorb per serving?

The fitness industry is flooded with misleading information and a lot of this either stems from a lack of awareness, or what a supplement's marketing company wants you to believe.  One of the most...

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