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Changes to your hyp protein bars

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Hi there. We have gone through a bunch of changes recently which I would like to spell out to our customers.


1) We have tweaked the recipe of the older Oats & Peanut Brownie to take out the peanut and instead substitute with almonds.

So the bar is just Oats Brownie from now on with a perfect blend of almonds and chocolate in a sugar-free recipe.

2) The classic version of our bars have gone through some recipe changes to bring down the sugar content as well. Most of you had requested for a cut/total removal of sugar from the classic variants too. And so we have gone ahead and taken out the dates syrup from the mix. Also, the chocolate coating will be a maltitol based coating to bring down the net sugar content and the glycemic index of the bars. However, the protein content will continue to be 20g per bar. You can check the ingredients list for the changes.


Another major change has been our packaging. The newer batches (starting 1st May in a staggered fashion) will be rolling out with newly designed pouches. The older packaging though very robust & functional was lacking the look & feel expected out of packaged foods. We have dealt with that now.

What has not changed is the quality protein sources that we use in our bars and the fact that no artificial sweeteners or preservatives find their way into the mix.

And please do refrigerate the bars upon purchase. The extreme heat melts out the external chocolate coating pretty damn quick. A couple of minutes inside the refrigerator should get it back into shape.

Happy Munching! :)

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  • Hi guys, do keep one bar with dates syrup instead of corn syrup! Dates are super healthy! and Maltitol isn’t as healthy, so its better to keep one bar with a natural sweetner!

    Mallika on

  • Hello Arun
    I tried your Hyp Low Carb Protein Bars. Somethings to note:
    1) The fat content is not mentioned anywhere besides at the back of the pack. People look into Fat content as it is very crucial macros.
    2) The price is Rs. 50 per bar which is quite high if you compare with one scoop of premium whey protein which cost around Rs.30-35 per scoop with around 24gms of pure
    3) Try to reduce the prices as lot of people would be interested in buying.

    Manan Agrawal
    IIM Kozhikode

    Manan Agrawal on

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