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HYP Protein Bars - Review by coach Jyotsna from "The Unit", Chennai

Posted by Arun Kumar S on

Taken from her FB page -

Tested out this product yesterday( The People who made this have done everything right.
-> Only 4 clean ingredients.
-> 20 grams of protein(from whey)
-> Dates for sweetness

And there's dark chocolate and peanut butter in it. I so badly wanted to fall in love with the taste of this bar. Very rarely do you see such a good product, with so much heart in it.
But the taste is simply 'OK'. If you absolutely need a quick post-workout snack and you're not hung up on extremely tasty food. Then this one is worth it at Rs 80/- per bar.

Full Disclosure: I was given these free for tasting and I'm not making any money by recommending these.



Jyotsna, Thank you for your feedback. 

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