How much protein does a human body need every day?

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Proteins can be compared to the ‘King’ on your chessboard. No king, No game. Similarly, no proteins no life.  They are incredibly important for a healthy life. If a body doesn’t get sufficient proteins from the diet, then it’s ultimately sure to lead to the suffering. Yet, there are different opinions on how much protein a human body actually requires. Let us read the article to know more in detail.

Protein intake in general

The Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for protein is approximately 0.8 gm of protein/kg of body weight. This almost equates to about 56 gm of protein for an average sedentary man and about 46 gm of protein for average sedentary woman per day. To determine your exact RDA for protein, you can multiply your body weight in kilogram by 0.80.

People With Special Protein Needs

As we have already mentioned earlier, not all people need the same amount of protein. According to Nutrition experts, pregnant and breastfeeding women require about 10-20 more grams than their usual protein intake. One can gain 10 g easily by consuming one cup yogurt or cottage cheese or added supplementation via powders/bars.

If you walk, run, swim or do any sort of exercise then ultimately your body needs more protein. Even if you have a physically demanding job you need a quite a bit of more protein, about 0.5 – 0.65 grams per pound, or 1.2 – 1.4 gm/kg of bodyweight.

Elderly people also need  approximately 0.45-0.6 gm/kg of bodyweight to ensure muscle atrophy due to age is minimized.


Generally athletes tend to concentrate on carbohydrate and not proteins. As a result of which they face protein deficiency and also unavoidable harmful effects on their health and performance. So, it is clear that athletes require more amount of protein above the normal range predicted by health dietitians. The body muscle growth, maintenance, and functioning of immune system will work properly only if the intake of proteins is increased. In case of negligence, a person might even end up facing muscle weakness and poor immune system. Needless to mention, all this will ultimately lead to exhaustion, weariness, anemia or even more expected health disorders. Serious athletes might require approximately 1.4-1.8 gm/kg of their body weight every day.

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