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Know your calories: bread pakodas - a tiffin nightmare!

Bread pakodas are among the most popular snacks in metropolitan cities, as it's conveniently available at every nook and corner, whilst being economical. Coated with a chickpea batter and deep-fried to a light golden brown colour, and stuffed with a potato mixture, it is served with a combination of spicy mint chutney and tangy-sweet chutney. Popular among working-class individuals and school/college students, it's extremely economical and it is packed with flavour. By the description alone, you must have already figured out that this snack is not particularly healthy. But did you know how many calories each serving pack? Well, you...

Know your calories - french fries

French fries are a go to snack for many, especially when they visit their favourite fast-food joint. But as we all know french fries aren’t particularly healthy, not only are they deep fried, but...

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