Top 5 fitness myths among women

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The most common fitness misconceptions that hold women back when pursuing fitness and health -

Weight lifts will result in bulky body

In case you were not aware that women are gifted with lower testosterone levels than men, which will avoid the hulking of the body. By regularly weight lifting one might get the body toned with added lines of definition to the figure. Does this cause worry? Hopefully not!

Reducing weight in particular parts of the body

If you have ever heard, by exercising one can reduce fat in a specific area then trust me it’s your DREAM! As we all know, the excess body fat tends to get accumulated around waist, hips and stomach. You might feel like punching a hole in the wall for saying that these places are the last ones to lose fat. The only way to make your dream come true, you need to exercise regularly with combined healthy diet.

Running on your treadmill is similar to running outside

Whoever agrees to the fact that running on your treadmill at home is similar to running outside, please stay aside! Well lets discuss this point logically. When you are running on the treadmill, the belt beneath you is moving and your body remains absolutely fixed. Whereas, when you run outside, the ground beneath you is motionless and your body keeps moving. Running outside will make your body push up and forward. Which is worth enhancing your health? You decide!

Mornings considered to be best for exercise

For doing an exercise there is no universal fixed timings. You can jog, hop and run when your time permits you to do so. There are chances when you are up for jogging early in the morning with an empty stomach but you fail to give 100 per cent effort. So choose the right time which fits your schedule.

“No” to workouts during menstrual cycle

There is no hard and fast rule to avoid your workouts during menstrual cycle. Exercising helps the body to reduce abdominal cramps and it release ‘endorphins’ which helps you in keeping your soul calm. 

Are these myths keeping you away from the fitness track? Never let them ruin your health and fitness. Keep aside all myths, understand your body and make your fitness journey smooth and stay fit! So what are you waiting for? Get enrolled in a fitness program of your choice and smile at the misconceptions as you stomp past them.

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