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Soft Baked Protein Bar - Choco Bix (Box of 6 pieces)

Soft Baked Protein Bar - Choco Bix (Box of 6 pieces)
Soft Baked Protein Bar - Choco Bix (Box of 6 pieces)
Soft Baked Protein Bar - Choco Bix (Box of 6 pieces)
Soft Baked Protein Bar - Choco Bix (Box of 6 pieces)

Soft Baked Chocolate coated protein bar - Zero Sugar

One of its kind baked protein bar with delicious chocolate coating! Our new choco bix bar comes packed with 10g of protein with zero sugar content. It packs 3g of prebiotic fiber per bar and makes for a great snack between meals to get going. Grab yours now!

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1. What are the Sources of Protein?

Protein from Whey, Milk protein & Nuts
We do not use Soy Protein

2. How Much Protein can i consume safely?

Your Body Weight (in KGs)
Accepted Range of Protein intake per day (in gms)

3. Is it good for Daily Consumption?

HyP Protein Snacks are Perfect for Daily consumption
There are no Side Effects to our products

4. Other Benefits of HyP protein snacks?

Good sources of Probiotic Fiber
Contains Omega 3 Fats

5. What's the Shelf Life?

Our products are good for 5 Months
We Ship Only the freshest stock

6. Is it Vegetarian?

Our Products are 100% Vegetarian
Our Products Do not contain Egg

Please refer to individual variants

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Amount Per Serving % Daily Value Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
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Total Carbohydrates {$ f.nutritionFacts.carb $} g {$ f.nutritionFacts.carbDV $} % Total Fat {$ f.nutritionFacts.fat $} g {$ f.nutritionFacts.fatDV $} %
Fiber {$ f.nutritionFacts.fiber $} g
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Saturated Fat {$ f.nutritionFacts.satFat $} g
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Sugars {$ f.nutritionFacts.sugars $} g
{$ f.nutritionFacts.sugarsDV $} %
Trans Fat {$ f.nutritionFacts.transFat $} mg
Polyols {$ f.nutritionFacts.polyols $} g
{$ f.nutritionFacts.polyolsDV $} % Sodium {$ f.nutritionFacts.sodium $} mg {$ f.nutritionFacts.sodiumDV $} %
* Figures based on calculated values when packed. (Ref NIN, USFDA Norm)
% Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

Please refer to individual variants

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