What is this HyP?

It just stands for 'High Protein', which is what we intend to deliver with our products. The first of our offerings is our protein bars which are undisputedly the most nutritious and wholesome protein bars in India.

We keep our products junk free and with the minimal set of ingredients. Our focus is to deliver the best macro combination for a snack while ensuring absolute delicious taste. And absolutely no artificial stuff – preservatives, colors, sweeteners. 

How are your bars unique? There are others out there in the market.

  • Each of our bar variants (60g) has 20g of the best quality protein (Whey/Milk and Nut proteins) and outstanding macros designed for a 30:40:30 calorie output from proteins, carbs and fats for a total of 240-250 calories per bar.

  • We do not use soy or any other cheap filler protein sources in our bars unlike other bars in the Indian market.

  • We ship fresh and not bars that have been on the shelves for months.
  • And we do not subject our bars to any processing (high heat, dehydration, baking etc) to ensure none of the nutrients get destroyed.

So if you are looking for a food that gives an optimal blend of energy+strength+appetite satiation, you just hit the right spot.

How do you ensure the quality of the Whey Protein that your source?

We procure our whey from internationally known brands like Saputo, Davisco, Meggle, Arla etc. These guys run billion USD topline businesses in selling milk based products and supply to some of the top sports nutrition companies in the world. Each batch of protein procured comes with a certificate of analysis that clearly lists down the protein content of the batch. Also, we independently test out samples of all our raw materials at third-party laboratories here at Bangalore to ensure there is no chance of slip up in the quality.

So who are your typical consumers?

Just about anyone who gives a damn about protein in their diet. You could use it pre/post workout to fuel your muscles or as a meal replacement or as a great snack to keep your going through the day. Our bars are good for everyone from elite athletes to all day corporate warriors. 


Where do you make these bars?

We have our manufacturing facility in Bangalore exclusively to prepare our products. This ensures the ingredients and hygiene are totally in our control. No contract manufacturing in a facility that processes many numbers of other stuff, the usual case in foods Industry.

Any stores where I can find your bars?

We are present in a few store fronts here in Bangalore. But the easiest way to get hold of the bars is to order here at our site or via other marketplaces like Amazon, Healthkart etc. 

Can diabetics consume these bars?

The "Lean" line of bars with 10g of protein and zero sugar has been formulated keeping diabetics and low carb dieters in mind. But please do consult your physician before you incorporate the bars into your diet program.

Can I buy in bulk quantities?

Yes, please write to us or call us and we would let you know the details 

Do you ship outside India?

Not yet. 

So how does your order process work?

We ship within 2 business days of receiving your order. Add 2-4 business days for the shipment to arrive at your doorstep depending on your location. So unless we have a back order which is keeping us on our toes, you will get your the bars within 5-6 days of placing the order. In a case of any delay in this cycle, we will immediately get in touch with you.

How can I track my order?

We will mail the tracking number for the shipment to the email ID given at the time of order placement. By chance you miss that email, just write to us with your order details and we will forward you the tracking details.

What is the returns/refund policy?

Please read the Refunds Policy

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