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Tired of Talking about Switching to healthy snacking?

Office time is binge time for a lot of people. Unfortunately, it’s also a great way of piling on calories during the long work hours.

By making the right choices, snacking no longer has to be a guilty pleasure. HyP Bars are a delicious, filling and HEALTHY snacking option as opposed to what your office canteen probably sells. 

  • NO Preservatives. So you don’t have to worry about eating junk. 
  • NO Added Sugar. So diabetics can rejoice. 
  • Whey protein, 10 or 20 grams of it. No more cribbing about excess hormone levels with soy(which you can read about here.)

HyP isn't heavy on your tummy either. With less calories than your average Indian snacks while still managing to keep you full.

calorie content of Indian snacks

Hyp bars and cookies are coming to an outlet near you. Corporate ventures can also contact us for subscription options in their cafeterias or vending machines.

So why wait? Why talk about switching any longer? Stop the talk. Join the HyP!

Order a special mixed pack right now!

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