Glycemic index of hyp protein bars

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Learn how the different ingredients in our HYP Protein bars will affect your blood sugar levels.
Glycemic Index puts a number onto the impact of the food we take, on our blood sugar levels. Essentially it quantifies the spike in blood sugar levels after the consumption of a particular food substance. Taking the glycemic index of pure glucose which is 100 as the standard, the GI values of various other food substances are calculated.
GI of the ingredients that contributes to the carbs in HYP Protein Bar -
Dates – 42
Peanuts – 7
Cashew – 27
Cocoa (unsweetened) – 20
Coconut Powder – 45
Flax – 32
The WPC has very negligible carb content in it. And water is zero calorie.
The chocolate coating, of course, has a high GI due to the sugar content. But the proportion of the coating is less than 10% of the overall weight of the bar.
Taking the carb contribution of our different ingredients, the overall GI of an HYP Protein bar will be around 35. The low GI, less processed sugar in the ingredients and the high protein/fiber content of the bar will ensure longer satiety and help to reduce the overall calorie intake, particularly when on a diet.

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