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Amino acid profile of our almond fudge bars

Recently a customer (who is a pro-athlete) requested us for the amino acid profile of our almond fudge bars. We felt it would be appropriate to share via our blog. Here it is (All numbers in mg) - Tryptophan 382 Threonine 1280 Isoleucine 1196 Leucine 2148 Lysine 1806 Methionine 522 Cystine 358 Phenylalanine 829 Tyrosine 820 Valine 1289 Arginine 765 Histidine 476 Alanine 929 Aspartic acid 2136 Glutamic acid 4162 Glycine 461 Proline 1617 Serine 1075   The list encompasses the entire spectrum (Essential & Non-Essential Amino Acids).  

What is milk protein concentrate?

What is Milk Protein Concentrate?   These are complete proteins derived from milk. They contain both whey & casein in the same ratio as found naturally in milk – that is about 80% casein...

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A new ingredient on our shelves – fructo oligo sacchrides (fos)

After careful analysis and product trials, we have decided to include FOS as one of the ingredients into our mix. About 6 grams of FOS goes into a regular version of HYP Protein bars,...

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The better whey - whey concentrate vs whey isolate

Whey comes in 3 main forms – Concentrate Isolate Hydrolysate The order mentioned above is least to most processed forms of whey. Liquid milk filtered by micro/cold filtration processes yields whey protein. The filtered...

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Glycemic index of hyp protein bars

Learn how the different ingredients in our HYP Protein bars will affect your blood sugar levels.   Glycemic Index puts a number onto the impact of the food we take, on our blood sugar...

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Whey to go

There is quite a bit of confusion regarding this immensely popular protein – mostly due to crappy adverts from supplement companies. The imagery that comes to our mind is bodybuilding pros with veins popping...

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