What is milk protein concentrate?

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What is Milk Protein Concentrate?


These are complete proteins derived from milk. They contain both whey & casein in the same ratio as found naturally in milk – that is about 80% casein and 20% whey.


Why have you included MPC as an ingredient?


Pure whey based bars tend to quickly harden up in storage (even at ambient conditions given the weather in India). Also, whey has a short, chewy texture which makes it all the more difficult to consume when hardness sets in.


To delay the onset of this hardness, usually, a blend of proteins from varied sources are used. That is why you will see our bars have MPC and whey hydrolysate listed along with whey protein concentrate.


The percentage of casein protein is about 15% of the 20g protein content in our bars.


For more information, here is an excellent write-up from US Dairy Export Council Report

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