Amino acid profile of our almond fudge bars

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amino acid profile for almond fudge bars

Recently a customer (who is a pro-athlete) requested us for the amino acid profile of our almond fudge bars. We felt it would be appropriate to share via our blog. Here it is (All numbers in mg) -

Tryptophan 382
Threonine 1280
Isoleucine 1196
Leucine 2148
Lysine 1806
Methionine 522
Cystine 358
Phenylalanine 829
Tyrosine 820
Valine 1289
Arginine 765
Histidine 476
Alanine 929
Aspartic acid 2136
Glutamic acid 4162
Glycine 461
Proline 1617



The list encompasses the entire spectrum (Essential & Non-Essential Amino Acids).


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