A new ingredient on our shelves – fructo oligo sacchrides (fos)

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After careful analysis and product trials, we have decided to include FOS as one of the ingredients into our mix. About 6 grams of FOS goes into a regular version of HYP Protein bars, starting with batches manufactured from 31st March 2015.

What is FOS?

It is a 100% natural dietary fiber (prebiotic) that is present in a bunch of foods that we eat every day – bananas, onions, chicory root, garlic etc.  It is not digested in the upper gastrointestinal tract of our body and hence contributes significantly less in terms of calorie intake when consumed.

Why does it figure in the ingredient list now?

FOS as we see it serves 2 major purposes for us -

  • It helps us reduce the amount of water that we need to use to bind our bars. This, in turn, helps the bars to remain shelf stable for a longer period of time (cuts down probability of product spoilage due to improper storage conditions especially while in shipments transit)
  • It has a mild sweetness which can help us to cut down on the sugar content of our bars. Besides FOS is diabetic friendly with a low glycemic index. Our regular bars now have a sugar content of 14 grams only (comes from the dates used as the sweetener).

We achieve the above while still not deviating from our objective of only using natural ingredients. FOS is a 100% natural product.

Read more about FOS here –




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