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Like it is mentioned in our About Us section, it all started as an unscientific mix of our favorite foods, of course with protein thrown in for good measure.  With time, once the thought process of making a business out of it started taking shape, we got to work to get the mix design right. The key variables in consideration being (From business standpoint) –

  • Our target segment – typical customer profile
  • Their fitness objectives
  • What they look out for in health foods
  • Convenience/time factor in consumption
  • Pricing to suit the pocket

With these in mind, we had to look into a bunch of scientific variables to ensure what we deliver matches up to expectations. And so the below figure prominent in our equation –

  • The best quality of protein
  • High bio-availability factor for the protein used
  • Balanced Proportion of energy from the macros
  • Quality of the carbs (more fiber) and fats (Less saturated & no trans fats)
  • Freshness of ingredients & final product
  • Close to zero processing to lock in on the micro nutrients
  • No refined sugar, sugar alcohols or artificial sweeteners
  • No preservatives, food colors, artificial flavors
  • And most importantly, an awesome experience for the taste buds

In short, at every point, we kept reminding ourselves – no cutting corners.

Each bar of HyP stands true to our objective – 20 grams of protein (90% from Whey and rest from nut butter based on the ingredient of the bar) with 4-5 grams of fiber. The macros have been tuned for an approximately 1:1:1 energy output from proteins/carbs/fat. We grind our own ingredient pastes – dates, dry fruits, nuts etc. according to the production requirement on a daily basis. And of course, none of the junk stuff gets anywhere close to our kitchen facility. We do not even stock sugar at our kitchen for that matter. All the sugars in our bars come from the dry fruits and nuts.

Give it a shot and we are eager to get your feedback. And we promise to keep working on making our products more awesome.

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