Hyp protein bars (classic line) vs ritebite max protein

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Parameter HyP Ritebite Max Protein
Net Weight 58g 70g
Calories 245 Approx 280 Approx
Number of Ingredients Approx 10 At least 25
Primary Protein Source Whey Soy chunks
Protein Content 20g 20g
Sugars/Sweeteners Used Dates & Corn syrup Fructose syrup, Corn Syrup, Invert Syrup.
Oils Used Coconut & Palm Oil Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils
Emulsifiers No Soy Lecithin (INS322) and mono/di-glycerides of fatty acids (INS 471)
Gums No Guar Gum (INS 412)

No more than 2 week old bars on all  online orders.

9 month shelf life and most bars on store shelves have been sitting for 4-5 months.
Price Rs 510-540 for box of 6 Rs 600 for box of 6


You decide.

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