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Hello everyone. First up, a big thank you for your continued support and patronage of our protein bars. You keep us motivated and pumped. Going into 2015, we have made a few changes to our bars which we would like to bring to your notice - 

1) The classic range of bars will be of 62g starting with batches shipped out from Jan 2015. The drop comes from a small reduction in the grammage of chocolate coating and reduction in dates content. This means the bars will be approx 3g down on sugar content and subsequently overall calorie content per bar will come down to around 245 calories. The protein content remains the same at 20g per bar. Please check the back label of the protein bars for specifics of each variant. 

2) The price of the Cashew Coconut variant will be up by Rs 5 per bar. Initially we had priced these bars at parity with the peanut butter variant. We have now bought this in line with the higher raw material costs incurred in cashew purchases. The price changes will reflect shortly in our other online sales channels (On healthkart, snapdeal & amazon).

3) The Cashew Coconut variant will sport a dark chocolate coating instead of the current milk chocolate. We have gone for this based on feedback from customers. 

Appreciate your continued support and wishing everyone a fit & healthy 2015.

Thank you, Team HYP Protein bars.

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