When should i consume hyp bars?

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Now this is a question that comes up way too often when customers (a lot of bros especially) call us for any queries.

Will it work best pre/post workout?

First up, HYP Bars are not medicine that needs to be consumed with careful dosage at prescribed times. It is just plain regular food bar that has macros heavily tilted in favor of proteins. Assuming we all concur with the role protein plays in building & maintaining lean muscle mass, the question just boils down to “timing/window of protein intake”. The truth is if you are chasing this anabolic window, you need to know it is open all day long.

Protein synthesis remains significantly elevated for 24 hours post workout and declines slowly beyond that. So overall calorie and protein consumption through the day, matters more than consumption in a short window pre/post workout. Timing has no real significance.

Here’s a great article on T-Nation about top myths propagated by bros - T-Nation Popular workout myths

So for everyone hell bent on downing that bar/shake as soon as the barbell is racked, we know old habits die hard.

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