New packaging and less sugar on your hyp bars

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We have come up with a new packaging for our bars. More durability and better visual appeal were the factors guiding us towards this decision.
On the product front, you will find whey protein hydrolysate and vegetable glycerin as new ingredients in our mix. So the question comes, why?
Whey Protein Hydrolysate – As the name indicates, it is a hydrolyzed (pre-digested) version of whey protein. So it can be quickly absorbed by our body and broken down into smaller amino acid chains.

The WPH we use is derived from WPC 80%. It is pricier than WPC as a raw material and the reason for using it is to improve the softness of our bars while keeping the protein source absolutely the best.
Vegetable Glycerin – We source 100% natural-Kosher-vegan-food grade vegetable glycerin for use in our bars. It is a natural ingredient derived from vegetable sources with a low glycemic index. It does, however, have about 4.3 Calories per gram and is classified as a carbohydrate on food labels. Since it does not cause blood sugar spike, it is acceptable for diabetic people too. The main intention was to help cut the sugar content of our bars while still sticking to natural/time-tested ingredients. And from a manufacturer perspective, the vegetable glycerin helps in terms of bars texture (softness).
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