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New line of Sugar Free Protein Bars

Posted by Arun Kumar S on

We are glad to introduce a revamped line-up of our sugar-free protein bars. Key aspects of these bars (Each 40g Bar) -

  • 10g of protein from Whey & Milk Protein Concentrate.
  • 5g of dietary fiber.
  • 0g of sugar content.
  • Approx 160 Calories per Bar.




These bars have a low glycemic index and have been specifically formulated keeping in mind the needs of diabetics and individuals who are looking to cut down carb/sugar intake in their diet. The sweetness in the bars comes from maltitol, a low glycemic polyol derived from corn. The chocolate coating used is also maltitol based. The bars have a net carb load of about 8-9g per bar (Total Carb – Fiber – Polyols).


The fat content of the bars come primarily from the nut butter used.


The formulation is friendly for diabetic users as well as people who are actively looking to cut carbs/sugar out of their diet targeting weight loss.


So go ahead and check out how our bars can fit into your specific dietary needs. Any queries or concerns can be addressed to or call us on 080-4092 8023 between 9 AM to 7PM.

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  • Why dont you come up with a sugar free variant which contains 20 gms or more of protein? 10 gms of protein with 160 calories does not sound like a good deal :(

    Meenal Sharma on

  • I am glad you introduced the Sugar Free version of your protein bars. I would appreciate if you could incorporate the following suggestions :
    (1) Up the protein per serving to at least 20 grams.
    (2) Switch from Maltitol to Steviol Glycosides (Stevia)
    (3) Eliminate the rest of the ingredients such as Veg Glycerin & Edible Veg Oil.

    I can assure there is a sizeable population out there willing to buy quality products here in India. Give us a better choice and we Quest lovers will jump over to HYP immediately.


    Alok Pandya on

  • I’m a regular user of your bars and I must say its a bad move to decrease the protein content from 15 to 10grams.
    Sadly, I need to look for other options now.

    Anmol on

  • Hello, I just wanted to share my thoughts about your HYP bars & I must say I love them. I have used your bars on days when I could not get to my regular diet or protein intake & like it.

    Being a Bangalorien I feel proud that you’all are based out of here……
    Way to go guys …..

    Ravi Kiran.
    Golds Gym

    Ravi Kiran on

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