Hyp sugar free bars – how does it fit into a diabetic diet?

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Beyond just counting the carb content of the foods you eat, diabetics need to look at the glycemic index of the different carb sources that constitute them. The GI tell you how fast the blood sugar levels might shoot up after consumption of a certain type of food ingredient. In general, the lower the GI, the lesser the impact of the food on the blood sugar levels. Low GI foods generally have a number of 55 or less.

Glycemic Load (GL) provides a more accurate picture of the impact on blood sugar levels by accounting for the different sources of the carbohydrates that go into a food product. GL tells us the effect of each gram of carbohydrate in terms of increasing blood sugar levels. A low GL food would have a number between 1 and 10.
Here are the GI of the different sources of carbs that go into the sugar-free Oats & Peanut Brownie bars -

  • Oats 55 
  • Maltitol 35 
  • OligoFructose 1 
  • Vegetable Glycerine 5 
  • Peanuts 7 
  • Cocoa 20 
The glycemic load (GL) of the bar (40g) taking the above numbers into account works to about 6.1 which puts it firmly in the low GL territory.
That means the HYP Sugar-Free range would fit perfectly well into a diet plan formulated to keep insulin spikes to the minimum.

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