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Does eating fat make you fat?

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We see this a lot in our customer interactions

But your bars have fat..? I would think about buying if it were zero fat... 

does eating fat make you fat?

When people say they want to cut down their dietary fat intake they invariably end up consuming food high on starch/sugar instead. The juices and low-fat snacks on our HYP Protein Bar Store shelves are loaded with carbs to make up for the “Zero Fat” boldface on their wrappers.

What this actually does is increase the levels of dangerous cholesterols (LDL) – the ones that actually lead to heart blocks. And of course, insulin resistance and the subsequent fat storage in our cells is a topic for another day.

Research shows most people with heart ailments have normal levels of cholesterol (Ref – Science Daily Report). But in most instances, they might be/close to being a diabetic primarily due to a sustained intake of high sugar in the diet.

So instead of focusing on simply cutting out a major macronutrient from your diet, try to focus on the quality of fats that you consume. The fat content in your HYP Protein Bars comes primarily from the nuts used (Almond, Cashew & Peanuts). Good quality fat sources help maintain hormone levels (Men – fat helps maintain your testosterone levels!) and keep you satiated for longer thereby helping regulate your overall calorie intake through the day.

If you are on a weight loss regimen, focus on putting yourself onto a sustainable calorie deficit food program rather than trying to cut one macronutrient altogether.

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  • There are two types of nutrients. Water soluble nutrients and Fat soluble nutrients. Water soluble nutrients use water as a medium to enter the bloodstream, and Fat soluble nutrients use fat as a medium to enter bloodstream.

    So some fat is needed for nutrient absorbtion. Over 60% of the brain is fat. Again some fat is needed to keep the brain in good condition.

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