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Good fats v/s bad fats; what’s the truth

Over the years, fats have been villainized by many and have been linked to weight gain, health issues, etc. Fats were the target for many marketing firms, as they launched low-fat "healthy" snack variants just to lure customers. But are all fats bad? Do fats lead to weight gain, or do fats cause heart issues? Is there anything called healthy fats? In today's blog, we'll answer all your questions surrounding fats.    Dietary fats: Dietary fats aka Fatty Acids can be found in both plant and animal-based foods. While certain types of fats are harmful and dangerous, others have been...

Top 5 superfoods that you must consider including in your diet.

Eating healthy and on time comes with a host of benefits, and can help you stay healthy and disease-free. Many times, we get stuck in a predicament on what we should and shouldn't eat....

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Busting the top 5 fitness myths

In today's day and age, millions of people have been forced into taking their health and well-being seriously, which has resulted in people making healthier lifestyle changes. Due to the dearth of information available...

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Why you should stop giving "health drinks" to your kids

  Health drinks that are doing more harm than good to your kids. Health drinks are extremely popular in India, especially among parents who want to provide their kids with the best nutrition possible....

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5 rooftop workouts that you must follow

Let's face it, the current pandemic has hit fitness enthusiasts hard, as gyms across the country have either kept their doors closed, or are functioning with a lot of restrictions. Fitness enthusiasts have therefore...

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5 reasons to include oats in your diet

Oats is one super food that can easily fit itself to suit your needs. Protein-packed, full of fiber and low on fat, oats are designed to boost your energy levels and help you lead...

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Does eating fat make you fat?

We see this a lot in our customer interactions But your bars have fat..? I would think about buying if it were zero fat...  When people say they want to cut down their dietary...

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