Busting the top 5 fitness myths

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In today's day and age, millions of people have been forced into taking their health and well-being seriously, which has resulted in people making healthier lifestyle changes. Due to the dearth of information available online and through the advice of many fitness experts, many people find conflicting information and fall victim to these fitness myths. So let's debunk some of them. 

Weight training will make you bulky:

Weight and resistance training is one of the best ways to burn fat and to get into shape, but often, people are led to believe that it will result in gaining tons of muscle. While weight training does result in gaining lean muscle mass, it will not result in bulking up. Weight training can also help in strengthening bones, joints, tendons, tissues, and ligaments, thus promoting an overall healthy lifestyle.

Fats make you fat:

This is one of the oldest fitness myths that many have fallen victim to. Fats do not make you fat fats are necessary for your body to be able to function efficiently throughout the day. Vitamins D which helps ward off cold and flu-like symptoms are fat-based. It is highly recommended to get your daily fats from sources such as nuts, seeds, and fish, as they are loaded with Omega 3 fatty acids. 

More protein is always better:

One of the most popular fitness myths is that the more protein you consume, the more muscle you will build. While protein is an important macronutrient, consuming extremely high amounts of protein will do you no good. If you are looking to pack on mass or muscle, then a gradual step-by-step increase in your daily caloric consumption will prove to be highly beneficial and sustainable. 

Fiber-rich foods are useless:

Fiber is one macronutrient that we do not get enough of, which leads to health issues such as constipation. While fiber is classified as a carbohydrate, it does not get absorbed in the body, nor does it cause an insulin reaction. If anything, fiber helps detox the body, by helping you to pass stools better. Another bonus of fiber is that it keeps you feeling satiated longer, thus curbing your hunger pangs. 

You should not eat after sunset:

One of the most common pieces of advice given out in gyms is the fact that you should not eat after sunset, as this can contribute to weight gain. This is a complete myth, as if you are within your caloric intake, you should not deprive your body of vital nutrients. Many working individuals who work out in the evening would need to consume a meal after a strenuous workout would be left feeling hungry, which, in turn, can negatively impact their recovery.

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