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5 reasons to include oats in your diet

Oats contain a wide range of nutrients like fiber, vitamin E, essential fatty acids, etc. which make them top the list of healthy food charts. Oats are rich in soluble fibers which help in lowering cholesterol levels. These soluble fibers help increase intestinal transit time and reduce glucose absorption. Oats also contain beta glucan which is a lipid lowering agent.  Oats is one super food that can easily fit itself to suit your needs. Packed with proteins, full of fiber and low on fat, oats boost your energy levels and help you lead a healthy lifestyle. They are not only good for...

Top 5 super foods to include in your diet

Superfoods are considered to be especially beneficial for our health due to the nutrients and compounds they contain. Super foods come in many forms, including protein from plant and animal sources, whole grains, vegetables and...

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Top 5 high protein foods

Proteins are the main building blocks of the human body. They're used to make all sorts of tissues and molecules that serve both structural and functional purposes. Getting enough protein in the diet is...

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Superfoods and their health benefits

  “Medicine is not healthcare - food is healthcare. Medicine is sickcare. Let’s all get this straight, for a change” – Anonymous. A nutrient-rich food keeps the doctor away! We have numerous fruits, vegetables...

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