Busting some of the most popular fitness myths

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Every gym and every fitness influencer at some point has led you to believe that some of the things that you are doing, or the foods that you are consuming are bad for you. Often, this advice is not backed by research and is nothing more than bro-science that is illogical. Today, we take a look at some of these fitness myths that you may have followed at some point in your life.

Green tea helps loose weight and burn fats:

The single most popular fitness myth that has been doing the rounds since the last decade is that green tea can help you burn fat and loose weight. While green tea can act as an antioxidant, a cup of it early in the morning will not help you burn fats and loose weight. If you add a teaspoon of honey to your green tea then keep in mind that you are only adding to the calories consumed. 

Lemon with water in the morning is good for weight loss:

Another popular myth that people follow blindly is that lemon with warm water can help you burn fats, besides helping you get a healthy amount of Vitamin C. The problem with this is that firstly, lemon water does nothing to burn fats, nor does it help you loose weight, and since Vitamin C gets destroyed when it comes in contact with water, whatever little benefits you may have got from this drink is lost as well.


Spot reduction works:

There is an entire market surrounding fat burners and weight loss supplements and accessories, and within that, there are companies that sell tummy-slimming belts and whatnot that claim to burn belly fats. Understand this, spot reduction is one of the biggest lies that is sold in the fitness industry. Your body cannot target fats only around the belly while ignoring the fats stored in the other parts of the body. The only way you can burn fats is by exercising and being in a caloric deficit. You should stay miles away from brands that sell belly fat-burning creams, lotions, belts, etc, as they definitely do not have your best interest in mind.

Lifting weights makes Women bulky:

One of the worst pieces of advise given to women in gyms is that lifting weights can make them look muscular like men. Those who make these claims obviously do not understand how the human body works. Men can pack on muscle as the dominant hormone in their body is Testosterone, which is needed to gain muscle mass, whereas the dominant hormone in a woman’s body is estrogen, a hormone that gives women feminine characteristics. 

Fitness myths have been around for ages, and identifying them can go a long way in helping you to stay aware of what you should and shouldn't follow on your journey towards getting fit. 

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