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Fancy a donut for breakfast? think again!

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A donut is one of the most popular breakfast options in the west and recent years has gained popularity in India as well. These sugary, deep-fried balls of flour are an absolute nightmare for all those who intend to get fit and staying in shape, as these sugary treats can start showing on your waist within a few weeks. So what makes these sugary balls of dough so unhealthy? Let's take a closer look.

A quick glance at the nutritional information shows that a staggering 207 calories come from fats alone and 236 calories come from carbohydrates, most of which are either derived either from the tons of sugar added to it or from the refined flour that is used in these sugary treats. Only 20 calories come from protein, and in all likelihood, it is an incomplete source of protein, where it does not have all the 9 essential amino acids.

Substitute: Rather than opting for these sugary treats that put your body’s blood sugar levels on a roller coaster ride the first thing in the morning, you can opt for healthier breakfast options such as oats, eggs, muesli, etc, that are not only low on sugar but are high in fiber, thus helping you feel satiated for hours.

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