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Fancy a donut for breakfast? think again!

A donut is one of the most popular breakfast options in the west and recent years has gained popularity in India as well. These sugary, deep-fried balls of flour are an absolute nightmare for all those who intend to get fit and staying in shape, as these sugary treats can start showing on your waist within a few weeks. So what makes these sugary balls of dough so unhealthy? Let's take a closer look. A quick glance at the nutritional information shows that a staggering 207 calories come from fats alone and 236 calories come from carbohydrates, most of which...

Beer vs wine vs spirits calorie count?

  Do you think you eat pretty healthily? You've cut down on the sugary snacks and fry-ups? So why aren't you losing weight? The answer could be in that glass in front of you,...

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