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5 weight loss mistakes that you may be committing

Losing weight and burning fats to get fit is on the list of many, but only a few get off their chair or couch and take control of their health. But how many are able to lose weight, and does weight loss equate to fat loss, or maybe you're losing something more than fats? Maybe you are actually losing muscle mass or water weight, and the weight that you're losing is plain unhealthy. Or maybe you are just struggling to lose weight and are unable to hit your fitness goals. If you fall in any one of the above mentioned...

Busting some of the most popular fitness myths

Every gym and every fitness influencer at some point has led you to believe that some of the things that you are doing, or the foods that you are consuming are bad for you....

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How a high protein diet can be beneficial to one and all

  Protein is one of the most important macronutrients, as it is the building block of life and plays a vital role in ensuring that the human body functions efficiently throughout the day. Gone...

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Are you working out efficiently?

We all enjoy working out and some have made working out an obsession. But are your workouts really intense enough to give you the results that you desire? The short answer to that is...

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