5 weight loss mistakes that you may be committing

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Losing weight and burning fats to get fit is on the list of many, but only a few get off their chair or couch and take control of their health. But how many are able to lose weight, and does weight loss equate to fat loss, or maybe you're losing something more than fats? Maybe you are actually losing muscle mass or water weight, and the weight that you're losing is plain unhealthy. Or maybe you are just struggling to lose weight and are unable to hit your fitness goals. If you fall in any one of the above mentioned categories, then chances are that you may be committing one or more of the fitness and weight loss mistakes listed below.

Don't starve yourself:

One of the biggest mistakes committed by those who are looking to lose weight is to starve themselves to the point where they start suffering from various deficiencies. You need to understand the fact that your body needs fuel to survive and they include proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Depriving your body of any one of these macronutrients can result in you facing chronic fatigue, suffering from various deficiencies, and struggling to keep your energy levels consistent. If weight loss is what you intend, then calculating your approximate calories consumed and dropping it by 5% will help you lose weight in a more healthy manner.

Sleep Deprivation:

If you work out, which could be weight training, jogging, yoga, swimming, or whatever suits you, but you are unable to get sufficient sleep, then chances are that even if you're calculating your calories, you will not lose weight. It comes down to the fact that your body repairs itself when it's asleep, and the more you deprive your body of sleep, the chances are that you will not give your body sufficient time to recover. This in turn leads to a spike in cortisol levels - A stress hormone that prevents muscle repair causes muscle breakdown and also promotes fat storage in your body. Ensure that you get at least 8 to 9 hours of undisturbed sleep.

Over-Dependence on cardio:

While cardiovascular exercises such as jogging, swimming, playing a sport, etc are all good for building your cardiovascular health, depending solely on them for weight loss isn't the most efficient way to get into shape. On the other hand, weight and resistance training not only results in burning more fats while working out, but it also helps in building lean muscle, strengthens bone and joint health, increases bone density, and your body remains in a fat-burning state long after you have completed your weight training session.

Do not overtrain:

This one is particularly common among youngsters, as it's pretty common to get overhyped about joining the gym and trying to get into shape with lightning speed. This is where newbies commit the sin of overtraining day in and out, without understanding their body and their limitations. The most efficient workout is the one that is done in an hour or 75 minutes, by focusing on getting the basics right. Ensure that you accept your body's limitations and respect them, by focusing on the basics, and then slowly but gradually building on them.

Do not compromise on happiness:

We as humans are constantly in the pursuit of happiness, and if doing a certain activity does not bring you happiness, then you may need to reassess your paths or techniques. Happiness results in the brain releasing dopamine - the feel-good hormone, which results in high energy levels, feeling positive, and maintaining healthy hormonal levels. This will result in better sleep, better appetite, low or no sugar cravings, and holding yourself accountable whenever you decide to eat a meal.

Fitness is not just about being physically healthy and looking good, but it's also about feeling good about yourself and having high energy levels when needed. If you find yourself falling in any of the above-mentioned categories, then keep following us for more fitness and lifestyle-related tips.

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