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5 weight loss mistakes that you may be committing

Losing weight and burning fats to get fit is on the list of many, but only a few get off their chair or couch and take control of their health. But how many are able to lose weight, and does weight loss equate to fat loss, or maybe you're losing something more than fats? Maybe you are actually losing muscle mass or water weight, and the weight that you're losing is plain unhealthy. Or maybe you are just struggling to lose weight and are unable to hit your fitness goals. If you fall in any one of the above mentioned...

5 fitness tips for beginners to get you going

Fitness for many is a lifestyle and eating healthy and looking their best is a goal for many. While not everyone may share the same enthusiasm or may not be as dedicated as a...

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How daily walks can greatly improve your quality of life

Walking is one of the simplest yet effective movements that can greatly improve your health and overall quality of life. Walking g regularly can benefit every part of your body from head to toe...

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Top 5 superfoods that you must consider including in your diet.

Eating healthy and on time comes with a host of benefits, and can help you stay healthy and disease-free. Many times, we get stuck in a predicament on what we should and shouldn't eat....

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Smart lifestyle changes that will help you get back into shape

The ongoing pandemic has been hard on one and all, especially on those who are used to an active lifestyle. Understandably, many individuals are finding it hard to deal with weight management and other...

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Nopey nope fitness myths – part 1

#1 - I'd like to work out but I don't want to look too jacked, you know like that guy on the poster (Points to Ronnie Coleman pic on the gym wall). Good luck....

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