Nopey nope fitness myths – part 1

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fitness myths and facts

#1 - I'd like to work out but I don't want to look too jacked, you know like that guy on the poster (Points to Ronnie Coleman pic on the gym wall).

Good luck. Most do not have any clue how much effort and dedication goes into a physique like that, the end result of which you might like or not. Better chance you might graduate out as a nuclear physicist out of Sri Mariamman Institute of Technology.

#2 - That you can go from fat to six-pack by doing only ab exercises.

Nope, there are easier ways still. Just buy the “Ab King Pro” from Naaptol and shock your tummy into shape while gorging on that Biryani pizza (More on that vile piece of turd later).

#3 – Increase your metabolism by adding our patented MDP 500 capsule into your morning chai.

Jadibooti works only for one baba. Don't even try.

#4 – I should be consuming protein within 30 minutes of my workout, right?

Most customers ask us this. Serious – You build mass, grow stronger when those reps in the gym cause micro-tears in your muscle fibers. To repair this and patch you up with stronger fibers (so the cycle of lift bigger get bigger happens), your body needs protein. The entire process takes time, meaning the 330-minute sacrosanct window is just a bro myth. So just make sure you load up with enough calories and protein to suit your fitness goals. 

#5 - I have a fast metabolism, so I never put on weight. Is will be working out even help?

People with “fast metabolism” are those who merely feel full faster. Start counting calories. Ensure you accurately estimate your BMR and get into a calorie surplus in your diet. Couple this with a physical routine to ensure all the gains do not happen in your belly.

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