Do not follow your favorite celeb's fitness routine!

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We all have, at some point, looked at our favorite celebrities and have envied having a physique like them, and while it is good to set high standards, at some point, we need to stop and ask ourselves if it is achievable and sustainable in the long run. So why you shouldn't follow everything that your fitness idol does to get into shape?

Differing goals:

Fitness athletes, actors, and those in the entertainment industry are paid to look a certain way, and their very livelihood depends on them looking their best at all times. They closely work with a team comprising of trainers, nutritionists, chefs, and coaches that help them get into shape in a relatively short amount of time. Moreover, they work out multiple times a day and have all the time in the world to rest and recover, luxuries that a common man may never have access to. 

Paid to get into shape:

When actors and entertainers are working to get into shape, they are doing it as they get paid to do so. Their livelihood demands that they look a certain way and they go through great lengths to hit their fitness goals in a relatively short amount of time. Right from the food they eat, to the rest they take, to the hours that they work out, everything is monitored, and performed in a controlled environment; the cost of which is far more than what an average middle-class man can afford. So if they are preparing for a show or a role in an upcoming movie, keep in mind that they will recover all that they are spending and some more, or in many cases, they are paid to get into shape as well.

Setting realistic expectations:

Just because your favorite star got into shape and started sporting a six or an eight-pack abs within a few months, doesn’t mean that you should also set the same expectations for yourself. It takes a lot of hard work and planning to achieve those goals in such a short duration, something that a working-class person cannot set for himself/herself. On the flip side though, it is important to set realistic expectations and hold yourself accountable whenever you work out or when it comes to planning your nutrition, just that you need to set goals based on your lifestyle, where sustainability is the name of the game.

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