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In the previous blog, we had discussed that the protein-deficiency in Indians is found mostly in vegetarians. So, in case you are a vegetarian, take a chill pill. You might be worried about getting sufficient proteins from your vegetarian food sources. To make your task easy we have provided a list of vegetarian food which is not only easy but an inexpensive way of amping up your intake of proteins in your diet.


Do you gulp milk every day? Maybe half way to GoMaD? Great! If you are doing so, then it’s assured that you are well tested with sufficient proteins. Not only this, it is rich in calcium which in turn provides good strength to the bones and teeth. Each glass of milk serves you with approximately 8 grams of proteins. Not only this, milk provides with Vitamin K, C and magnesium.


It is commonly identified as soy bean curd. It is made from curds of soy milk and hardened into soft white blocks. Each cup of tofu serves approximately with 30-40 grams of proteins. It stands equally with meat and its calories. Tofu is often seasoned with various dishes. You can savour it with smoothies or puddings.

Sunflower seeds kernels

Ever thought, those husk filled edible seeds would be of great health benefit? Sunflower seeds are unique source of proteins that can be served in your food. As the name suggests they come from sunflowers. Try to discover ways to include more sunflower seeds into your diet. It also helps in balancing the hormones. Quarter cup of edible seeds serves with approximately 7.3 grams.


You can lay your hands on varied varieties of beans available in market. All have one thing in common-they are rich in proteins and fibre. One cup of kidney beans contains approximately 13-15 grams of proteins and a cup of black beans contains approximately 10-12 grams of proteins. In addition, they also help to lower cholesterol rates and help in smooth functioning of digestive system.


Mushrooms are generally known as “meat” of the vegetable family as the very taste and appearance resembles with it. We generally do not cook only mushrooms; they are sautéed with other veggies. The best suggests would be to add green leafy vegetables to raise the protein content. Each cup of mushrooms (especially white) adds about 3 grams of proteins to any prepared dish.


The word “peanuts” compel us to pick a handful and eat at a shot! They are tasty at the same time nutritious. Basically all nuts are rich in proteins, but the amounts vary from one to another. To be more specific, peanuts contain the highest proteins. Each tablespoon contains approximately 4 grams of proteins. In case you seize a handful of peanuts as your evening snack, the amount of proteins gained is almost equal to a piece of fish.

Nuts and nut butter

Needless to mention, nuts like almonds and cashews are rich in fats and proteins and hence they are high in calories. One cup of nuts will serve you with approximately 8 grams of proteins. You might have already tasted nut butters such as peanut and almond butter; they are a great way to gain proteins. They can of great start for your day when included in your breakfast.

Green peas

This delicious small spherical seed is rich in dietary fibre and Vitamin K. Each cup of green peas serves with approximately 7.9 grams of proteins. In case you hate to eat it as a side dish, you can try blending them with any vegetable. Though it appears small but it carries a huge health benefit.

Green vegetables

As a whole, vegetables are not bundled with a good amount of proteins when compared with beans and grains. But being a rich source of minerals and vitamins, they do pack a punch. Spinach and green leafy veggies contain approximately 5-6 grams per cup. Whereas broccoli, sprouts etc contains a little higher proteins of about 6-7 grams per cup.

So, are you ready? Head to your nearest grocery store with the above list in your mind and grab the best vegetarian stuff available to stay fit! And do keep a stash of HYP Bars handy for those occasions when cooked food is hard to come by. You can check out our store here - https://hyprote.in/collections/all. Keep visiting this space for more health related topics.

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