Sleep deprived workouts are a bad idea

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Do you have an idea, how important sleep is for a human being? It is as important as you breathe and eat. If you don’t eat and breathe a human being is expected to die. So is the case during workouts. The person is soon expected to lose physical and mental health. Sleep is compared with a golden chain that ties health and bodies together by one of the famous writer Thomas Dekker. An absolute sleep is expected to be about 7 to 8 hours at a full stretch. During this period your body gets recharged physically and mentally for the next day. Sleep plays an essential role in making the day less tiresome. Insufficient sleep has severe drawback on people who set goals in workouts. In case you lack sleep, you fail to succeed in achieving your goals at gym too. Let us have a glance at the significant consequences for obtaining less sleep.

Psychological effects

In case you fail to get a complete sleep, you are sure to experience a number of dismals. Lack of sleep will make you feel lethargic and less motivated throughout your workout session. You will ultimately not feel like grabbing your gym bag and stepping out for the session. Another major effect of sleep deprivation is that you will lose concentration easily. This will make your task difficult during workouts. It will be not easy to make a good progress and stay on perfect track at the gym.


Lack of sleep may also lead to weight gain. It is again a major drawback which will have a negative impact on your exercise routine and goals. Due to insufficient sleep your body decreases the levels of leptin (also known as obesity hormone) and tends to increase the levels of ghrelin (also known as hunger hormone). This change will increase your appetite and cause temptations to eat more and more. In short the whole process spoils your metabolism which will set your body to increase your weight tremendously.

Energy levels

A normal person will stay active throughout the day. But the person who is not getting sufficient sleep will obviously stay inactive. The energy levels are lower when compared with the days you get sufficient sleep. Low energy levels will make it harder to get a good workout. A journal named “European Journal of Applied Physiology” had made a survey which examined the energy levels of men with normal sleep and less/no sleep. With evidence it was proved that the men who did not sleep had poorer or lowest energy levels.

Muscle and bone repair

It is interesting to note that, when you are sleeping, your body releases growth hormone. This hormone aids in strengthening bones and muscles. Not only this, it helps your body to recover quickly from an intense workout. Hence it is clear that, insufficient sleep will hinder the release of growth hormone, in turn hindering the process of strengthening your bones and muscles which is very important aspect to be taken care during workouts.

Other impacts

It is essential for a person to realize the worth of sleep. It can ultimately pose you with serious health problems such as Type 2 diabetes, higher mortality, hypertension, heart problems. Not only this, you might end up having mood swings which will lead to negative thinking.

Many people take this issue lightly. Be aware of the damages and threats it is posing to your body. Next time you are exhausted a night before, take a day’s rest. You are gifted with an awesome life and body; why not lead a happy life with good sleep and good health? Keep visiting this space for more health related topics.

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