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For most of us, it is really bliss to wake up with the aroma of curry leaves and series of sputtering mustard seeds. It signals, the day is ready to be welcomed with something delicious and tasty. In the previous blog we had discussed about the importance of sleep. How sleep recharges the body for the next day. In this blog we are discussing what happens next?

After waking up from the night long hibernation mode, our body needs a launch button to kick start the day ahead. Your breakfast acts like one! Accept it or not, a good breakfast can make a day or break a day! Right choice of breakfast will fuel your energy and enhance your performance at work as well. It is surprising that most people are not aware of the importance of morning meal. Read on to know how important is your morning breakfast and its impact on your precious health.

Downsides of Skipping Breakfast

Missing a breakfast may disturb the metabolism of your body. Visible effects include high blood pressure, fatigue, drowsiness and unhealthy assortment of blood fats. And feeling a little low on energy levels as you start the day on your desk might not be an ideal start for the day.

Typical Indian breakfast

India is known for its “Unity in Diversity”. The regular breakfast menu varies from one state to another. But broadly, we can classify Indian menu into North Indian and South Indian. Let us read more about these breakfasts.

  1. A regular south Indian menu comprises of idli, vada or dosa which is generally savored with sambar and chutney. There are many sub-varieties prepared such as masala dosa, rava idli, thair vada, sambar vada and more. Poori, bisibelebath, upma and pongal are other popular south Indian dishes.
  2. A regular north Indian menu comprises of paratha or roti which is generally savored with curry, curd and pickles. To add on, these dishes have more varieties such as paneer paratha, aloo paratha, mooli paratha and more. Other popular dishes in north are channa batura, poha, bindi bhujia.

What is the macro/calorie equation of Indian breakfast?

Let us examine the calories in detail of few typical Indian dishes which are preferably consumed in the morning. Each dosa serve your body with approximately 15-20gm carbohydrates, 3-4 gm proteins, 1-2 gm fiber, 1-2gm fat. In total you gain on an average of 90-100 calories to begin your day!

Each cup of batter will serve your body with approximately 10-15gm carbohydrates, 3-4gm proteins, and 3-4gm fiber. In addition you will be served with vitamin B, if idly are prepared with brown rice.

Each whole wheat roti or paratha serves you with approximately 17-20 gm of carbohydrates, 4-5gm of proteins, and 1-2 gm of fat. In total you gain approximately 100 calories to begin your day!

Are simple carbs a great start?

From the above analysis we are clear on few facts, that Indian breakfast is rich in simple carbs and low in proteins and fibers. Due to inadequate fibers, the food consumed is digested quickly. Food rich in simple carbs may last for about one or two hours. As a result one might end up overeating. It can also cause major swings in sugar levels. In addition due to inadequate proteins a person may also end up facing fatigue and lethargy.

Best Alternatives for Breakfast

Since your breakfast doesn’t fetch your body with the required balanced food, you can rely on healthy available substitutes. Best alternatives that could be suggested are cereals. Cereals are packed with minerals, proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. You can make various easy cereal recipes at home. Yogurt smoothies, fruits, nuts, eggs, oatmeal, nutritional bars can also be one of the best way to begin your day. You can rely on vegetable sandwiches, sprouted grams to enrich your diet with proteins. You can explore varieties of nutritional bars in case you were looking for one! HYP Bars - Classic Variant  can also be your best alternative for morning meals.

So why do you want to walk out with droopy eyes and lifeless face? Right choice of breakfast will surely make your day! Add any of our nutritional bars in your morning diet and feel the difference.

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