Know your calories - masala dosa & idli vada

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As soon as the day breaks, we need a healthy breakfast to kick start the day. Since it is the first meal of the day, it should contain the required amount of calories to keep you active throughout the day. Most of us here in South India would swear by Masala dosa and Idli vada. And that is exactly why we have analyzed the calorie and macro content of our favorite day starter.

We analyzed few samples purchased from the quick serve restaurants here at bangalore to arrive at our results.


Item Weight (grams) Protein Fat Carbs Calorie
Masala Dosa 260 5 13 32 263
Idli (2 Nos) 210 8 0.5 40 205
Vada 110 7 14 23 240
Chutney 80 3 17 12 210
Sambar 140 1 0.3 8 40

HYP Meal Replacement Bar

60 20 8 27 235


All numbers are approximate values.

The idea is to sensitize ourselves to the nutrient values in food items that have become an integral part of our daily routine so as to ensure we are better informed when we try to meet our daily calorie goals.

More dishes and articles are on the way. Until then happy snacking and do check out our range of protein bars -

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