Water and its health benefits

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Earth is a beautiful creation of nature and it has offered us with many vital and healthy element, water is one among them! Can anybody imagine life without water? Absolutely NO! Water is the only liquid that helps us to regain, retain and refresh our lost energy. Taking advantage of this natural element offered is one of the best health tips. A certain amount of water is lost through breathing, sweating and digestion. When body loses certain amount of water, it should be replaced immediately with the same amount of water so that there is a smooth bodily functioning.

Don’t you think it is essential to understand the health benefits of water? Below listed are few undeniable facts of water which one should consider.

  • Drinking approximately 1-2 glasses of water on your empty stomach helps your body in eliminating toxins from your body. With this it also eliminates sensation caused due to sleep and fatigue that is usually faced in the morning.
  • Drinking 2-3 glasses of water before breakfast combats and prevents constipation. In addition, it also stimulates the bowel movement smoothly.
  • Water puts a check on diseases and also boosts metabolism at the start of the day. It helps the body to defend against infections and increases the immunity.
  • Consuming a glass of water on your empty stomach helps to minimize the harmful effects that are caused from the intake of stuffs such as tobacco, junk food, alcohol and more.
  • In case you were looking for natural beauty therapy, then water is the best solution. Drinking 2 glasses of water on your empty stomach will help your body to maintain the tonicity of the skin. It also helps in preventing premature wrinkles.
  • Besides all, water eliminates toxins and helps to burn extra fat and calories that is accumulated in the body. Thus, drinking water reduces the cravings and hunger, which avoids excessive weight gain.
  • In case you are a victim of gastritis, water is the best ally for your problem. Adding more water in your diet will help in reducing the acidity level.
  • Scientists have moved a step ahead and analysed how water lubricates the movements of the protein molecules as well. To read more check this link https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2007/11/071114130440.htm to understand the essential roles of water and proteins together.

Water is calorie-free and it seems like it can’t make great difference in our diet. But it actually plays an instrumental role in our body by helping the vital functions run smoothly. Drink more water and stay healthy.

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