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Sabudana vadas are among the most popular snacking options in India and are often consumed during fasting, or as a breakfast meal. Served with crushed peanuts, curry leaves, fried potatoes, and just a few spices, the humble Sabudana vada becomes a staple breakfast option all across the country. But is this the healthiest breakfast meal that you can find? As always, we at HYP like to break down the ingredients and nutritional information to help you get to the bottom of the facts in today's Know-Your-Calories blog.

Sabudana Vada

The ingredients:

The primary ingredient used here is Sabudana or Sago which is loaded with carbohydrates, but it also makes it calorically dense. The next ingredient used here is peanuts, which are high in protein, but sadly, are the only source of protein here and an incomplete one. The worst ingredient here comes in the form of fried potatoes that not only cause an insulin spike but can also cause various cardiac issues if consumed often. Restaurants often add a few grams of refined sugar as well to add to the taste. 

Sabudana Vada


One serving of Sabudana vadas comes with 2 vadas per plate. Packing in 18 grams of Carbohydrates or 72Kcal, carbohydrates are the second densest calories found in this popular snack. A lot of these carbohydrates come from fried potatoes, which as mentioned above, can cause various health complications. As mentioned above, it also contains a small amount of refined sugar, thus spiking your insulin levels even further.


Fats are available in abundance in Sabudana vadas, as they are fried in refined vegetables or palm oil that has been reused multiple times in restaurants. Each serving of Sabudana vadas comes with 14 grams or 126 Kcal of fats. While some of these fats come from peanuts, which are healthy, they are pretty insignificant and the majority of the fats come from vegetables or palm oil.


As seen often, unhealthy foods come with the least amount of protein and the Sabudana Vada is no exception to that. Packing a mere 2 grams or 8Kcal of protein (albeit incomplete) that is derived from peanuts, Sabudana Vadas will do little to nothing to help you hit your fitness goals.

So there you have it we've helped you gain clarity on another food that you might have been taught was healthy. Keep following our page for more information on upcoming dishes.

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