Ranking the top 5 mistakes made by novice lifters

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If you have recently started working out and have taken a liking to it, then that’s great. Working out is not just good for your body, but your mind as well, just as we discussed in one of our previous blogs. If you are a novice, then chances are that in your over-excitement, you may push yourself too soon and pick up an injury, or develop bad fitness habits from the get-go. 

So what are these rookie mistakes that a novice lifter can fall victim to? Let's take a look.

Lifting heavy too early:

One of the earliest mistakes a novice lifter can make is to try to lift heavy weights too soon, and that is bad. For one, your body needs time to develop the strength to gradually get to the heavyweights. Secondly, rather than focusing on the number that is on the side of the dumbbell, you should instead focus on getting your form correct early on, as the traits you pick up now are going to last you for a lifetime.

Taking long breaks:

Another mistake many novices and even experienced lifters make is that they rest for too long between sets, either spending time at the watercooler, or on their smartphones, or chatting with a fellow gym buddy. You can save the small talk and browse through Facebook or Instagram for later. When you work out, you must be focused 100% at all times. Keep your breaks between sets between 60 seconds to a max of 180 seconds. In fact, you should use the time between sets to prepare for your next lift, and things like adjusting the weights should be done during this time.

Investing in supplements early on:

We get it! Supplements are important and can help you meet your fitness goals. But instead of focusing on supplements early on, you should get your nutrition such as your diet into place first. If you are unable to gain weight, then try to gradually increase your daily caloric intake, rather than blowing up your money on supplements.

Expecting results immediately:

Humans don’t like to wait and are not known for being patient. This doesn't mean that you will achieve your dream physique within a few months. To get the physique that you have always desired, it takes months and even years of hard work and dedication to get there and that’s the best part of it. Remember, all good things come to those who wait and never give up. So take your workouts one day at a time.

Falling for training programs on the internet:

While not all training programs are bad, there are some trainers out there who promise that you will achieve your dream physique within weeks. Well, for one, these training programs are exorbitantly priced and if you speak to an experienced trainer with an ounce of conscience, they will tell you that these programs are a sheer waste of your hard-earned money. There are many free training programs available on the internet that may not promise results within weeks, but can be extremely helpful.

So there you have it, we have ranked the top 5 novice mistakes that many of us have fallen victim to during our initial weight-lifting days.


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