Snacking on junk food and its effects

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Are you hungry in between meals? Think wisely before you choose a food to drive away your hunger. Be it a superior brand or your local snacks vendor on the roadside, there are few dangerous health affects hidden behind these tasty and yummy snacks. Snacking helps in controlling appetite but it is sure to add unnecessary calories. Obesity, blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and other chronic diseases are few mentioned health issues expected from the continuous consumption of so called “junk food”. In the previous blogs we have given the breakdown of calories of few snacks. In this blog we are discussing the side-effects of frequent snacking. Below listed are few severe side effects that might hamper your good health.


Most of our snacks are coated in butter and are deep fried in oil. Hence they are loaded with fat and calories. The more you eat the more you possibly gain weight. Thus, snacking frequently will increase your daily calorie intake resulting in excess weight. Often relying on high-calorie foods and beverages are serious threat to your health.

Unintended Health Issues

Most of the snack foods are consumed to temporarily sustain your hunger. They are actually rich in carbohydrates or added sugar. Not only that they are also poor in adding nutritional value to your diet. Consuming sugar-rich foods can lead to high cholesterol and increased blood triglyceride levels. In addition this may cause inflammation and oxidative stress, leading to developing heart disease as well.

One of the best examples is chips; they are not only cheap in price but are also very easily available snack. But the side-effect caused by consuming it is neither worth the pleasure nor your money. Including such food in the diet is sure to cause an irreparable damage. Needless to mention they add very less nutrients to your body.

Type 2 Diabetes

Sweetened drink is one of the popular snack/beverage that we see in supermarket shelves. Juices packed in boxes and pouches are found everywhere. Needless to mention, they are concentrated juices diluted with lots of added sugar and manufactured with all attractive artificial colors which are hazardous to your health. It increases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes as well. Beware next time you lay your hands on these packs!

Risk For High Cholesterol

Foods that are fried deeply will not only damage the body but also brain. A food that can be digested properly is considered healthy. Deep fried foods may trigger your taste buds but are definitely not healthy. In a way they offer very less nutritional value. Deep fried foods are rich in saturated and trans fat, which might increase the cholesterol levels.

Loss of Appetite

Junk food lacks satiety when compared with your normal food. Relying on junk food most of time may lead to abnormal digestion and in rare instances, food poisoning too. Most of all snacking does not really satisfy all needs of stomach.

Tips For Healthy Snacking

  • Choose foods that are easy to digest.
  • Consider your energy needs and include only those calories that are required in the form of snack.
  • Reserve sugar rich treats for special occasions only.
  • Choose nutrient-rich foods that provide sufficient protein and fiber to your body.
  • You can also visit which speaks about calories and health related topics.

Keeping the body in a good health is a duty. Think twice before snacking!

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