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Old-fashioned butter vs healthier butter spreads. what’s healthier?

At HYP, we do not shy away from speaking on and covering controversial topics, and one such discussion surrounds low-calorie/fat butter that promises to be a healthier alternative to regular butter. These so-called butter packs have been selling like hotcakes and are touted by many as a healthier alternative to good old-fashioned regular butter. But is it any healthier? And should you be making the switch? Or is good old regular salted butter that's derived from milk still the best option? In today's blog, we'll take a look at the ingredients and will help you understand what's best for you....

Breakfast aloo paratha - know your calories

A household snack served with curd and pickle, the famous Aloo Paratha, is topped with a generous serving of butter and stuffed with a spicy filling of mashed potatoes. Popular across North India and...

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