Breakfast aloo paratha - know your calories

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A household snack served with curd and pickle, the famous Aloo Paratha, is topped with a generous serving of butter and stuffed with a spicy filling of mashed potatoes. Popular across North India and now taking the entire country by storm, the Aloo Paratha is among the top breakfast dishes in Indian households. But do you know how many calories each aloo paratha contains? In today’s Know Your Calories blog, we’ll help you find answers.

Aloo Paratha served with a dollop of butter

Ingredients: Made using traditional wheat flour, one can easily mistake this for a chappati, but the devil is in the details. This dish is loaded with carbohydrates in the form of mashed potatoes and comes topped with a dollop of butter and served with a spicy pickle and curd. This, by no means, is a lean snack.


Carbohydrates: Each Aloo Paratha contains 25 grams of carbohydrates, or 100 kcal. While it is predominantly made using wheat flour and stuffed with mashed potatoes, carbohydrates per se aren't bad for you, but given the fact that each paratha contains 25 grams of carbohydrates, this by no means is a lean snack. Moreover, we seldom consume just 1 paratha, and since this is loaded with calories, having it for breakfast can leave you feeling heavy for the rest of the day.

Fats: Each Aloo Paratha will give you 9 grams of fat, or 81 kcal, and most, if not all, of it comes from butter alone. A healthy diet must include fats, and butter is a healthy source of fats, but since calorie for calorie, fats are the most dense, it becomes easy to go overboard with them.

Protein: As always, the most important macro-nutrient, protein, comes at just 3 grams or 12 kcal per serving, being the lowest macronutrient here by a big margin. Moreover, since all of the 3 grams of protein are derived from wheat, it is an incomplete source of protein, which means that it lacks one or more than one essential amino acid. Thus, the quality of protein is low, and your body cannot utilise it efficiently.

If you are looking for a healthy meal for breakfast, you can opt for protein bars, oats, eggs, etc. Just ensure that your meal contains at least 15 grams of protein per serving.

So there you have it, another food dish covered, all that can help you to make healthier choices.

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