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The classic dum aloo - know your calories

A popular north Indian dish that's slowly but surely growing in popularity across the country is Dum Aloo, and for good reason. Starchy and creamy potatoes cooked in a tangy onion, tomato, and cashew gravy, served with either rice or chappati/naan or roti, packs a lot of flavour. But have you ever tried to calculate how many calories each serving of Dum Aloo contains? We'll break down the recipe and dish for you to get to the bottom of this.   Ingredients: As always, we analyze the ingredients before drawing conclusions and our observations. The main ingredient in the dish here,...

Breakfast aloo paratha - know your calories

A household snack served with curd and pickle, the famous Aloo Paratha, is topped with a generous serving of butter and stuffed with a spicy filling of mashed potatoes. Popular across North India and...

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