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Pani puri/gol gappa - know your calories

Pani Puri or Gol Gappa is one of the most, if not the most popular street snacks anywhere in the country. Every state has its twist to it, some stuffing it with spicy potatoes, while others use white peas, and some provide both. Puffed Semolina puris filled with Tamarind chutney and spicy water, this snack leaves many salivating and wanting more than just a single plate. Ever wondered how many calories a single plate of 6 puris contains? You've come to the right place. Ingredients: Semolina and refined flour Puris deep fried to a crispy consistency till puffed, stuffed with...

Kheema pav - know your calories

Kheema Pav is the go-to breakfast option for many, especially in metropolitan cities such as Mumbai and Bangalore. Kheema pav is minced meat, cooked with fried onions and spices to give it a rich...

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Living with hypertension; made easier.

Around 33% of Indians have been noted to suffer from Hypertension which is among the leading causes of heart ailments in the country. A bad diet combined with poor lifestyle choices results in various...

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Cheesy and creamy pasta - know your calories

Pasta is among the most popular dishes in the country right now, especially among youngsters and college-going students. Served in a creamy cheesy sauce, with roasted vegetables and meat that's optional, this dish is...

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Top 5 superfoods that you must consider including in your diet.

Eating healthy and on time comes with a host of benefits, and can help you stay healthy and disease-free. Many times, we get stuck in a predicament on what we should and shouldn't eat....

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5 trap foods that you should stay away from

To begin with, what are trap foods? They're the kind of foods that mislead you into believing that they're healthy, but they're anything but. These foods are marketed in a manner where consumers are...

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5 zero calorie foods for weight loss

Zero calorie foods are excellent for people who want to lose weight because when you consume these foods your body will spend more time digesting the food and absorbing all the good nutrients from...

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