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Ranking the top 5 high glycemic index foods

We all want to stay healthy and prevent illnesses, for which, we either exercise, follow a healthy diet, or count calories while many are able to lose weight, there are certain foods that cause an insulin spike, owing to their high glycemic index. What is the Glycemic index we hear you ask? It's the insulin response that food creates which is due to its spiking blood-glucose levels. There is a Glycemic index chart and for any food that scores 70 and above, that food is known to spike sugar levels in the body. The lower the Glycemic index of the...

Cashew and butter cookies vs hyp protein cookies - what’s best for you?

  The cookie market is flooded with a dearth of options to pick and choose from, right from chocolate Bourbon biscuits covered in sugar crystals, to the rich and creamy butter cookies. These cookies...

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